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Beyonce is back!

Her 40 track live “Homecoming” album was dropped overnight by Sony/Columbia and is number 1 on the iTunes album chart. In two places– Number 1 and Number 5. Like, wow.

The album is the soundtrack to her new documentary film on Netflix, which tells the story of her appearances in the past at Coachella. Beyonce is in the middle of the two 2019 Coachella weekends.

But this isn’t good news for Madonna. She’s launching a new single today at noon (stay tuned) called “Medellin.” The single is being played on Zane Lowe’s Apple Beats 1 radio show and then sent into the world.

listen to Madonna’s new single here

Now, however, Beyonce has stolen Madge’s thunder. Madonna is at the same announcing her “Madame X” album. She’s released the art and the track list. But I guess no one told her Bey was going to rain on her parade.

The crazy thing about “Homecoming” is that there’s no physical package yet, it’s only for download on iTunes and streaming on services. It also features a Destiny’s Child reunion on three songs, which is going to make fans ever crazier.

As for Madonna, we’ll see what happens today. But she can’t be too happy about this turn of events.

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