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Madonna is premiering her new single on Apple Beats 1 this morning with Zane Lowe. Her collaborator on “Medellin” is Maluma aka Colombian singer Juan Luis Londoño Aria.

1, 2, Cha cha cha. Maluma brings Madonna to the Reggaeton audience for a song that sounds like it’s her version of “Despacito.”

What’s interesting is that it’s got Madonna singing a shuffle beat pop song, with Maluma handling the Spanish verses.

“We built a cartel just for love/Venus is hovering above.” OK.

The song is relatively slow, unless there’s a big dance part coming up. Nope. It’s a slow record. I’m not sure where it falls in the current pop world. It’s no “Havana.”

Song is written by Madonna’s producer, Mirwais.

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