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“Game of Thrones” season 8 premiere was a winner any way you see it.

The HBO swords and boots opera brought in a whopping 17.4 million fans across all venues including HBO Go and HBO Now. I see now where all those “NCIS Los Angeles” viewers went last night.

On just HBO, “Game of Thrones” pulled over 11 million viewers, which is less than the 12 million for the Season 7 premiere. But it didn’t matter. HBO is simply offering too many ways to see the show. Listen, if you can get 11 million people to sit down and watch a cable show at 9pm, that’s an insanely good accomplishment!

As for the actual episode, Jon Snow doesn’t seem to still get the news that he’s Dany’s nephew or cousin, and that he’s sleeping with her. Maybe by next week, he will have figured it out. And maybe it was only me, but I really liked the dragon rides!

This episode, “Winterfell,” was good at re-establishing everyone and setting up the ending. There should be some cliffhangers coming up. Me, personally? I think Peter Dinklage will sit on the throne. For some reason, he’s the only I can’t imagine dead. But I know NOTHING. Really.

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