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I told you last week that Roseanne Barr’s stand up comedy shows in May were in peril.

Now her show on May 2nd at the Raleigh, North Carolina Duke Arena has been cancelled. The reason? No sales.

Coming up fast are two shows in danger of imminent cancellation. They are in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on May 16th and Detroit, Michigan on May 17th.

Only one show has sold tickets, in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. It’s a much, much smaller theater.

A separate show in Elkhart, Indiana, at the small Lerner Theater, set for May 17, is about half-sold.

If the Ft. Wayne and Detroit shows don’t pick up by next week, they will be cancelled, too.

It’s an unfortunate situation, but Barr has done herself no favors. It’s almost a year since she sent that racist Tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Then she started blaming everyone else instead of taking responsibility. The rest is misery as ABC cancelled “Roseanne” reboot and launched “The Conners,” which started slowly but became a hit.

So stand by for more updates…

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