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Keith Richards has responded on Twitter to news of Mick Jagger’s illness and the postponement of the Rolling Stones’ upcoming tour.

Richards writes: “A big disappointment for everyone but things need to be taken care of and we will see you soon. Mick, we are always there for you!”

Ironically, it’s Richards whose health has always been called into question, not Jagger. Richards, whose love of drink and drug is legendary, has somehow–and wonderfully– managed to keep going despite all odds. It was Jagger who was into health and well being.

The Stones have also escaped any major health issues up til now, which is certainly against the norm for men of their ages.

Jagger’s announcement today, and even Richards’response, suggests that Mick may be suffering from any number of common illnesses for a man of his actual age (75). Knowing Mick he’s in New York getting treatment. Everyone is hoping for a quick and painless recovery, whatever the problem.

Meanwhile, Richards is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his solo album, “Talk is Cheap.” There are new anniversary editions available on amazon, on the Stones website, and on keithrichards.com. Maybe Keith will go out with his group in lieu of the Stones tour!

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