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French TV audiences didn’t clamor for “Leaving Neverland.”

According to reports from Paris, the controversial documentary scored 1.8 million viewers its first part, and 1.1 million in its second part.

That’s about equal to what it did in the US. Audiences have not been excited to hear stories about Jackson as an alleged pedophile. There have also been reports of the documentary being edited for foreign territories as more and more discrepancies are noted by fans.

One such fact problem is when Mrs. Safechuck declares that she “danced” when she heard Michael Jackson was dead. She was thrilled he couldn’t harm any more children. But Jackson died in 2009, and the Safechucks say Jimmy only realized he’d been molested in 2013. So that doesn’t work at all.

Fan sites and Twitter accounts are brimming with such information. Many of Wade Robson and Jimmy Safehuck’s stories don’t line up with actual events they say they attended.


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