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UPDATE: Paris is home, she’s fine, according to TMZ. Somehow they’ve published a photo of Paris and boyfriend from inside the place at which she’s arrived. So how does that work? Seems like a fake emergency report for a slow Saturday. The other story I heard, will explain tomorrow. Not a big deal.


In the last hour, TMZ reported that Paris Jackson attempted suicide in Los Angeles by slitting her wrists.

She — or someone with her phone– immediately denied it.

But on 5150 hold, you don’t get to keep your phone or be on social media. So there are a lot of questions right now.

The main thing is that Michael Jackson’s daughter needs love and support. On Twitter the last few days she’s been defending her father over the charges made in “Leaving Neverland.” She’s also been smoking a lot of dope, as she admits.

From mid December to mid January, Paris was in rehab. This was all leading up to the release of “Leaving Neverland.”

In early February I met her at a Grammy party. She was in great shape, very funny and with it. She is under a lot of pressure, that’s for sure. So let’s give her some space. I’ll keep updating.

Meantime, I’ve heard some other things from Jacksonland that are also disturbing. Checking on them now.

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