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Brandi Jackson, niece of Michael Jackson, gave an interview today to podcaster John Ziegler in Los Angeles. She says that Michael’s accuser, Wade Robson, was her boyfriend for seven years. Brandi, daughter of Jackie Jackson, insists that Robson is lying about being abused by Jackson, and that he’s doing it for money.

The interview, below, is a good listen, and Brandi is compelling. I will warn you that when she’s asked by Ziegler if her motivation is money– from the Jackson estate, etc, she says no. But to be fair, Jackie Jackson is the only one of Michael Jackson’s brothers who’s worked for the Estate to make piece within the Jackson family. Ziegler may or may not know that.

But Brandi is believable. She is clearly furious with Robson. She says they had a semi-platonic relationship as teens, and finally consummated the relationship around age 18. At the same time, she says, Robson was doing choreography for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, and that he slept with Spears. That broke up Brandi and Wade. It ended Wade’s relationship with Timberlake, who is said to have written “Cry Me a River” about their teen soap opera.

Also, Brandi says two major networks cancelled interviews with her, including “GMA.” This might be because her story doesn’t fit the narrative of Michael being a pedophile.

You can start the Ziegler interview at the 14 minute mark. There’s a lot of intro up to that point. But this is something to think about, certainly.

PS There’s a Daily Mail interview with Brian Oxman, who was never Michael Jackson’s lawyer. Just skip it. Oxman was disbarred after Michael’s trial. It looks like he gave or sold copies of a deposition to the Daily Mail. Even though he defends Jackson, he is not a legit source for anything. I watched Tom Mesereau fire him in the parking lot at the Santa Maria courthouse after he fell asleep in court!

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