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So many lies and just weird stuff floating around the interwebs and tabloids about Michael Jackson right now.

Maybe the worst thing is a March 5th story from the Daily Mail by Ryan Parry and James Desborough. The latter is a disgraced British journo who was caught up in the hacking scandal at the now long closed News of the World.

These gents have bought a pig in a poke from Brian Oxman, who claimed to them he examined Wade Robson, Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse accuser, back in 2005 during the child molestation trial. Oxman, who was later disbarred and cannot practice law (questionable that ever did) told the reporters, and this was printed in the Daily Mail, says that he took “an hours long deposition ahead of Michael Jackson’s now infamous 2005 child molestation trial.”

Alas, as lead defense lawyer Tom Mesereau, who fired Oxman from the trial for myriad reasons, reminds me: there was no deposition of Robson. It was a criminal trial. Mesereau says in an email: “There was no deposition. Only testimony in the trial. Depositions are rarely taken in criminal cases in California.”

The Mail writes: And at each point during his deposition and while sitting on the stand, Oxman says, Robson was ‘adamant’ that Jackson never touched him or any other children.

There was no deposition, however.

Parry and Desborough write that Oxman told them: ‘And I was charged with taking his deposition. I spent many hours talking to him on the phone and cannot tell you how many countless times Robson told me: ”Michael did not do this. This boy (Arvizo) shouldn’t be doing this.”

Yeah, except there was NO deposition.

And Oxman never examined Robson or Jimmy Safechuck. Mesereau examined Robson on the stand. I was there. In the room.

Oxman also presents the reporters with court testimony, which he has indicated to them was from a deposition

But there was no deposition.

Oxman told the reporters: “…it breaks my heart still to this day that a case I lived ate and breathed that Michael was innocent from the start. He should never have even been on the stand.'”

Oxman shouldn’t have been in the courtroom. He fell asleep in open court, intruded in part of the case where didn’t belong. Mesereau fired him in a parking lot after court in clear view of the press, so they’d know what was going on.

I hope the Mail didn’t pay a lot for this story.

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