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ARod says JLo will marry him.

That’s former Yankee Alex Rodriguez, who missed a year of baseball for doping and lying about it. He will marry Jennifer Lopez, the singer who doesn’t really sing. Together they are a brand. Will they actually marry? I say Yes, at the Plaza Hotel, with a massive media build up. It will last 18 months maximum. That’s my prediction. The wedding should be in the fall. People magazine will buy the rights.

For ARod, is this marriage number 2? For JLo, it’s number 3, right, not counting Ben Affleck and Puffy. I feel hubby no. 2, Marc Anthony, will officiate. People from the Bronx will complain the wedding isn’t at Yankee Stadium or Jimmy’s. No one from the Bronx will be invited. This will be the tone of gossip columns for months to come. JLo will lip synch at the wedding, which will be taped for HBO.

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