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Two big shockers in the news right now:

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, has been charged in Florida for two counts of solicitation and prostitution. I actually thought this was from the Onion when it popped up on my Twitter timeline. Kraft’s name came up in a sting in Palm Beach. Even wildly overpaid NFL chief Roger Goodell won’t be able to save Kraft if he’s found guilty. The prostitutes are connected to an international human  trafficking ring. Kraft, a billionaire with a strange personal life, paid between $49 and $79 for sex acts. His reps deny everything and Kraft hasn’t been arrested yet. According to the police, they have him and the prostitutes on video, performing sex acts. (I never ever want to see that.)

Then: R. Kelly, R&B star who escaped the law for decades, has been indicted in Chicago on 10 counts  of aggravated child sexual abuse.  Last night two more accusers turned up, claiming that Kelly raped them in the 1990s.

Kelly stood trial in 2008 and was acquitted in an earlier trial with different accusers. But a recent Lifetime documentary laid out all the cases against  him and sparked a new look into Kelly’s various alleged crimes.

Stay tuned as these two stories develop, separately…

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