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Tick, tick, tick. Oscar voting ends at 5pm on Tuesday, February 19th. Just think: next year at this time, the Oscars will already be in the rear window.

So what happened? Did “Roma” Pull off a Coup? Is “Green Book” a “Spotlight” or “Moonlight”? Did “A Star is Born” Bounce Back?

If I had to guess, “Green Book” is Best Picture, Alfonso Cuaron is Best Director, the acting awards go to Glenn, Rami, Mahershala, and Regina.

Everyone gets something. It’s a win win for movies. “Roma” gets Foreign Language Film.

Is that what should happen? Oh, we’re way past that barrier. It’s time to wrap up this crazy season and start looking at the new films.

But what about “Black Panther”? It made $700 million. “Blackkklansman”? It brought Spike Lee back in a big way.

The reality: no one knows. Anything could happen. Maybe “Roma” just turns into a steamroller. We’ll know right away if Marina de Tavira wins Best Supporting Actress and upsets the apple cart, then “Roma” takes it all. If someone other than Regina King or Marina wins BSA, then there’s massive drinking in the Dolby Theater lobby.

What about original screenplay? If “Roma” or “Green Book” wins, you have to think, that’s the Best Picture. But what if “The Favourite” pulls through? Then, we’re in trouble. Or maybe Paul Schrader gets his first Oscar– for “First Reformed”– after 200 years?

Again, back to the bars.

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