An Emergency Declaration today caused the Oscars to reverse their original thinking. The Academy Awards will now run three hours, thirty minutes. All 24 categories will be given live on the air. All five songs will be sung. Last year’s acting winners will give awards to their successors. There will be no host.

Are you satisfied? When the show runs long, now no one can complain. You wanted it, you got it. Get pillows, pjs, cookies, milk, whatever you need. But NO COMPLAINING. We’re going to get the Full Academy Awards, from soup to nuts.

And nuts is what this all has been. I really think people have transferred their negative energy about Trump to things like awards shows. How utterly ridiculous. Now maybe we can get on with the show!

Today is February 15th. There are four more days before ballots are due back. Oscars are February 24th. Then we start all over again.

Dawn Hudson, wherever you are, I’m toasting you. Have a drink on all of us!

P.S. This still doesn’t resolve the shabby way “First Man” was treated, but we can talk about that later…

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