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It’s the toughest choice a superstar must make: which awards show to appear on. And on which continent.

So far the Grammys have been mum on Lady Gaga appearing or performing on this Sunday’s show. At the same time, there’s no word from BAFTA whether the Best Actress nominee for “A Star is Born” will be with them in London on Sunday night.

For Gaga, the Grammys are important because Oscar voting begins two days later. She’s a cinch to win Best Song for “Shallow,” but nothing is written in concrete.

The BAFTAs are also important for Gaga and “A Star is Born.” Even though the movie hasn’t won any awards yet. you never know what’s going to happen. Even though Gaga has tied with or lost to Glenn Close in most settings, Olivia Colman would be the BAFTA favorite for “The Favourite.”

Bradley Cooper is going to BAFTA. But what will Gaga do?

The simple solution would be a live performance via Satellite from London for Gaga at the Grammys. That would still be very effective and allow her to be in two places at once.

Of course, a live in person performance at the Grammys can’t be equaled. And Lady G. could be with Cooper in spirit, knowing she’s unlikely to win.

What a conundrum! Wouldn’t we all like to have these problems? So stay tuned. Whichever decision is made, we will all be the better for it!


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