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UPDATE The Academy now says four of the five nominated songs will be performed on the Oscars including those from “RBG” and “Mary Poppins.” They’d already scheduled songs from “A Star is Born” and “Black Panther.” All that’s left is the song from “Buster Scruggs.”

They seem to indicate star Emily Blunt isn’t performing “The Place Where Lost Things Go.” A special guest? Hmmmm….



The Big Best Song crisis is over.

The Academy tweeted a few minutes ago that Jennifer Hudson would be singing “I’ll Fight” on the show.

The controversy was over having two of the five nominated songs performed instead of all five. Originally the word was the Academy and ABC wanted to keep the show short by limiting the performances.

Now Jennifer Hudson will join Lady Gaga and the others singing her guts out on live TV. The audience will go crazy. No one brings down a house like JHud!

Next step is announcing Emily Blunt will sing from “Mary Poppins Returns” and someone will sing from “Buster Scruggs.”

Kyle Buchanan wrote a great piece in the New York Times today about this whole fiasco. The fact is, people who watch and love the Oscars want to see EVERYTHING, the whole show, all the categories, no matter how long it takes. Three hours? Big deal. You got something else to do?

I do credit Donna Gigliotti, who’s the guest producer this year. She’s an Oscar winner, very smart, and very savvy. I predict she’s going to put together a great show, despite all these tempests in teapots!

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