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Amazon Studios is swinging for the fences now.

Overnight from Friday they broke a Sundance record and ponied up $13 million for “Late Night,” written by Mindy Kaling and starring Emma Thompson.

Emmy nominated Nisha Ganatra directs her first feature since 2005 with this project.

Last spring, Thompson was in New York filming “Late Night” with Kaling and crew. We talked about it quite a lot but who knew it would turn into such a big deal?

Amazon needed some fire power for next fall and awards season. They pretty much struck out this year except for the Polish film, “Cold War.” This time, they got the goods.

That’s important, since their rival, Netflix, has gained ground on them. But “Late Night” sounds like a broad hit, not to mention a Golden Globes comedy nominee.

Let’s just hope Amazon releases “Late Night” to theaters.

PS Amy Ryan is featured. Cross fingers this is a breakout for her, too!

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