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Rachel Maddow trounced Sean Hannity once again last night. She beat him by 700,000 viewers. The night before, Monday. was similar.

Some nights MSNBC’s Maddow has opened up as much of a million viewer lead over the Fox News talker.

Last night it was 3.27 million to 2.587 million. Hannity is pulling in fewer viewers than “The Five” on Fox News at 5pm or Tucker Carlson at 8pm. And Hannity is supposed to be the network’s star. He’s certainly the highest paid of all Fox News’s anchors.

On top of that Lawrence O’Donnell is similarly beating Laura Ingraham at 10pm. O’Donnell is outdrawing her by at least 300K viewers every night.

So what’s happening? As Trump’s Wall crumbles and the government shut down continues, viewers are obviously turning to MSNBC to get the real story. Fox News isn’t telling them any truths at all, and even the most hardcore Republican viewers– especially those affected by the shutdown– need answers.


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