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We had to come home to freezing cold temps to have a real Hollywood night last night in New York for M. Night’s Shyamalan’s “Glass.”

All the stars came including Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Sarah Paulson, and Bruce Willis, as well as Luke Kirby, who was getting lots of “hey-I-know-that-guy” handshakes from “Mrs. Maisel” fans. He plays Lenny Bruce, and very well. (I asked, he’s Canadian, with Brooklyn blood. That’s why it works.)

After the screening, Universal took the guests to Buddokan on Ninth Avenue, where were joined by Mrs. Jackson aka LaTanya Richardson, who’s getting standing ovations every night in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” And Sarah Paulson’s partner in life, the great actress Holland Taylor, regaled us with stories about her birthday gift from Sarah (a beautiful necklace).

Universal brought in the heavy guns for “Glass,” with all the top execs including Ron Meyer and Donna Langley crossing this great country by plane for the occasion. “Glass” is said to be tracking at a high level for this weekend, although snowstorms threaten the box office. Fans of “Split” and “Unbreakable” will not be disappointed in this double sequel. McAvoy, playing a sort of Incredible Hulk as Sybil, is outstanding, but so is the whole cast. They are very invested in “Glass” shattering expectations.

Sam Jackson, as you know, is the coolest guy in town. How many movies does he have this year? “Uh, five, I think,” he said, counting them as we dined on Buddakan’s delicious treats. Does he ever turn anything down? “Oh yeah. I have to, so all these actors”– he said, pointing around the room– “can work.”

Jackson said it was mostly fun making “Glass,” even filming in Allentown, Pennsylvania “wasn’t bad.” What’s the worst place he ever got stuck for a shoot? “Winnipeg,” he said, “in the winter.” Check out this photo of Sam from “Glass.” I told he looked a lot like Frederick Douglass. He said, sardonically, “I hear he’s doing great things now.” (wink wink)

Meanwhile, McAvoy was still hosting with the most even when I left, and the Paulson-Taylor entourage– who were having a fine time– exited. Bruce Willis checked out after a few minutes so he and wife Emma could get back to their kids in Westchester County.

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