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Everyone is mad about Maddow!

That’s Rachel Maddow, whose 9pm MSNBC show is trouncing Sean Hannity over at Fox News.

On Monday night, Maddow scored just over 3 million viewers, eclipsing Hannity by more than 600,000 pairs of eyes, or 600,000 brains!

Maddow’s key demo numbers are DOUBLE Hannity’s in every age group t0o. She scores a .35 in 18-49 year old adults. Hannity averages a .17.

Maddow has been far ahead of Hannity every night for at least two weeks now. She pulls Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell with her, too, which is far ahead– also 600K– of Laura Ingraham’s misshapen angle!

Meanwhile, Fox News’s 8pm entry, Tucker Carlson, is now depending on car wash commercials from local stations as major advertisers have pulled out of his show. If only Rupert Murdoch were alive! He’d know what to do.

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