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UPDATE: Rachel Maddow is steamrolling Sean Hannity.

On cable news, Maddow’s 9pm MSNBC show has now beaten Hannity’s Fox News show at the time for the last two weeks.

Maddow even beat Hannity last Friday when Joy Reid substituted for her as anchor.

Maddow and her show partner, Lawrence O’Donnell, have found a winning way to deal with Fox News: reports facts and the truth. Make the shows timely. Talk to the audience as if they’re educated.

Hannity is still covering Hillary Clinton’s emails. He’s just completely ignoring anything contemporary.

Let’s see how this week goes. My guess is it’s another win for Maddow, et al.

Ratings aren’t Fox News’s only problems. Advertisers have decamped from most of their shows. It’s unclear who’s paying the bills now that Fox News can’t be cross-collateralized with “The Simpsons.”

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