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Guess what shows won their time periods on Friday night on CBS?

From 8 to 9pm it was “I Love Lucy.” From 9 to 10 pm it was “The Dick van Dyke Show.” In fact, “Kucy” was the highest rated show of the night on broadcast TV with 5.86 million viewers.

Yes, it’s 2018, not 1965 or 1956. CBS showed two colorized episodes of each classic comedy. They’ve done it before.

We remember these shows in black and white. They were filmed in black and white. But the people who made them were in color. You get that, right? The cast, crew etc were themselves IN COLOR. The film was black and white.

Personally, I’m not for the colorization. But “Dick van Dyke” creator Carl Reiner, who’s 95, loves it. He said so on Twitter.

Reiner Tweeted: “Just chatted with Dick Van Dyke about how, last night, we, and a majority of viewers, enjoyed seeing our old show in living color, Our hope is that some wise rich, entrepreneur also colorizes the 156 other episodes.”

No, no, no Carl. Rob and Laura, Sally and Buddy, Alan Brady– leave them in glorious B&W please! Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel, too!

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