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Sean Hannity, Fox News’s rabid night host, is doing some pre-winter cleaning.

The bloviating Trump-et has erased all but 19 of the posts in his Twitter history. That’s right: @SeanHannity has been denuded of everything but a few ramblings from today, and, for some reason, a few more from November 11th and 12th.

Otherwise, he’s used a bidet and a Dustbuster but the rest are all gone.

This sudden penchant for cleanliness can only mean one of two things. Sean wants to be Donald Trump’s next chief of staff — or —

host of the Oscars. Or both!

Many think Hannity is already chief of staff, as whatever he says Trump mimics almost instantly. Lately Hannity has been beaten every single day in the ratings by Rachel Maddow, so maybe he thinks it’s time to double down and actually move into Donald’s bedroom, let Melania get some sleep, and set up shop. They’ll just down Diet Cokes and Tweet all night!

Now listen, this is possible. But cleaning the Twitter feed doesn’t mean it’s gone. Certain individuals have been archiving @Hannity right along. The crud is not gone. And if Sean does intent to live in the Lincoln Bedroom, or worse, co-host the Oscars with Steve Doocy, it’s all going to come pouring out of places like @Sshotbot in torrents. So get ready!


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