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“The Conners” aka “Roseanne” without Roseanne has not an easy ratings ride. They are really on a rollercoaster.

Last night “The Conners” posted its lowest ratings yet. Just 6,627,000 people tuned in. That’s down 790,000 from last week.

And that’s despite heavy hitter guest stars Matthew Broderick and Juliette Lewis, as well as Jay Ferguson, coming in to fill up the space left by Roseanne Barr.

Last week, “The Conners” somehow poked up to 7.3 million. It turned out to be a fluke.,

Last night, the show came in with lower demo’s too. That’s not helping. They were all in all the 5th place show of the night.

I am still convinced that episode 11, the only extra one ordered by ABC, will show Roseanne’s death to have been a dream. And that will end the series once and for all.

Roseanne herself has been conspicuously silent all season. Mark my words.


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