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Everything must come to an end. And so “Springsteen on Broadway,” a wonderful show that made millions of dollars for the Boss, will finish on December 15th. The next night, the 16th, Beethoven’s birthday, we can all see it on Netflix. This may break Netflix in one showing. I was lucky enough to get a single ticket way back at the beginning of the run in fall 2017. Bruce is mesmerizing, funny, totally engaging. And of course the songs speak for themselves. Patti Scialfa appears toward the end and makes soulful harmony.

PS Sony Music releases the CD soundtrack two days earlier– on December 14th– and they need it after a dry year of no hits. You will want this CD, not just the download. Pre-order at amazon. Kudos to Springsteen manager Jon Landau, Springsteen tour director George Travis, and Landau Management partner Barbara Carr.

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