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While we wait for Annie Schulhof and her secret committees to announce the National Board of Review winners (George Clooney, Best Husband, etc.) here’s a look at this 501 c3’s finances.

Salaries are up by $50K, revenue is down. Salaries were up $26,000 to $283.469.

Revenue less expenses was MINUS $114,847. Last year that number was MINUS $48,862.

The National Board of Review is fan based membership group of non critics– just peeps who like movies. They pay annual membership fees and a separate ticket fee to a fancy dinner where they can meet the stars. Schulhof often disregards the voters and selects winners based on what the studios will spend on tables at the dinner. She wants stars. Black actors are relegated to “breakthrough” performance.

The REAL awards groups in each city– NY Film Critics, Boston, LA, Chicago– there are no salaries. There is no need for a Form 990. NBR is a little business/fiefdom generally laughed at by the actors and publicists. But they love the publicity!

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