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Roseanne Barr is coming back.

While ratings fall for her old show, now called “The Conners,” Roseanne has stayed off social media and conspicuously quiet. I still think the 11th episode of “The Conners” will feature her return from the dead, but that’s just a wild guess.

But Roseanne is planning a return to stand up comedy. She’s booked a date in Elkhart, Indiana for next May 17th. Tickets range from $37.95 go $72.95.

Last year, Roseanne toured Canada. But when the scandal broke about her racist tweet, her US dates were cancelled. This is her first attempt to make a return.

Why Elkhart? It’s a Republican town of around 50,000 in northern most Indiana. Roseanne may think they’re her people– Trump people. So far, not many are biting. Most of the Lerner Theater is still available.


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