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There is no worse show on Broadway than “Head over Heels.” The bafflingly awful musical features the music of the 80s girls group the Go Gos. But the show is just plain wretched, with no redeeming qualities.

And yet, after several months since a mid summer opening, “Head Over Heels” plays on. It is not a hit, in a big way. Last week it played to just 38% capacity and took in just $185,775.50 in ticket sales. The show’s potential sold out week would be $883,552. They were down from the prior week by almost $20,000.

“Head Over Heels” has a cast, and an orchestra. They have stage hands. Everyone must be paid. But at this point, I have to ask– who is paying them? And from what?

When the musical opened, that very night, at intermission, we were all doing satires of “The Producers.” The show was so bad, it had to close. No one could imagine it dragging on for weeks like a stuffed corpse.

“Head Over Heels” is playing at the Hudson Theater on West 44th st. owned and operated by the Ambassador Theater Group. There’s been speculation that ATG is just keeping the show running out of pride. Or hubris. But why pour good money after bad?

The individual producers are many but the first ones listed are Christine Russell, whose only other investment is in “Beautiful: the Carole King Musical.” The second investor is the very wealthy museum and arts patron Louise Gund, a dabbler at best. Donovan Leitch, the model and entrepreneur, and son of 60s folk singer Donovan, is next along with his pal Gwyneth Paltrow. They likely invested very little but are there for the name value.

There are more, plenty more names. Do any of these people know how to read a spread sheet? Is there a scandal brewing? If anyone knows what is going on, and who got the beat, email me at showbiz411@gmail.com.

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