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Parking is a premium in New York. Back in the 90s, George Constanza had a problem on “Seinfeld.”

This morning, Alec Baldwin apparently got into a fight with some guy who’d parked in a spot he wanted on East 10th St. in front of his building. I guess from reports Alec had someone stand in the space to hold it, but the guy who arrived first didn’t care. That’s the way it goes, I’m afraid. Alec punched the guy, according to reports.

I live down the street from Alec (in less splendiferous circumstances). On the morning of Halloween, the NYPD towed my car over to his block and put in front of his house until the crazy Parade was over. I couldn’t retrieve it until midnight. I should have saved the space for Alec– I would have had I known.

Thanks to Bloomberg and the DeBlasio, parking spaces have shrunk by at least 50% in Manhattan. It’s very frustrating. The parking garages are incredibly expensive. They’re a monopoly and unregulated.

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