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Kanye West is bi polar. He’s on meds, off meds. whatevuh. I wrote just a few items ago that he’d severely damaged his music and fashion businesses thanks to his support of Donald Trump, also conservative Candace Owens, her group called Blexit that was going to make Blacks leave the Dems for the Republicans. He has a new album coming out November 23rd, and things aren’t good.

So Kanye tried to distance himself from his massive number of quotes and interviews with the following set of Tweets tonight while normal people were eating dinner, watching the terrible news, or attending the New York premiere of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The tweets indicate that Kanye has changed course. Will people believe him? Not right away. Will he change back? Maybe. He was only in Trump’s office singing his praises a week ago.

More on all of this later like noon time…



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