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The big cable TV hits on Sunday nights are fading fast.

Is it baseball? Football? Something has made Sunday night cable hits shed viewers by the millions.

For the third or fourth week in a row, “The Walking Dead” is now settled at just 5 million fans. Long gone are the halcyon days of 10 million or more. Even as character Rick Grimes approaches his death, many fewer may be there to witness it.

At the same time, literally, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has dropped well below a million viewers to 878,000. The Kardashians’ adventures used to average 1.4 million when they were though to be in decline. Now that number looks pretty good in retrospect.

Both of these shows were soundly beaten by “Alaska: The Final Frontier,” on Discovery, with 2.1 million total. Maybe the Kardashians should join the Iditarod. (It’s not that far from Idiots– sorry.)

Even HBO is struggling on Sunday night as it waits for the return of “Game of Thrones” and “Veep.” Both Lena Dunham’s “Camping” with Jennifer Garner, and “The Deuce” with James Franco, are well below 500,000 viewers. “Camping” sank to just 384,000 pairs of eyes on Sunday. Of course, the World Series didn’t help.


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