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“The Conners” is already in trouble. ABC may be getting ready to ditch the “Roseanne” spin off.

The trades report without editorial comment that ABC has ordered only more episode to be added to the ten it already contracted for this season.

A full half season order is 13, which means ABC didn’t even fill that out. And they most certainly didn’t ask for a number like 22 which would take “The Conners” to the end of the current TV season next spring.

The 1 episode order makes me think it’s just a finale to the ten as a good will gesture. And then “The Conners” would go back to the mists of TV’s own walking dead.

So far, “The Conners” ratings have been less than spectacular. The first episode brought in 11 million viewers, the second week dropped to 7 million. If the drop continues, it may be too expensive to keep around, given John Goodman’s and Laurie Metcalf’s salaries.

Roseanne must be cackling from whatever hen house she’s been locked up in. She was the sizzle on the griddle on that show. Without her, “The Conners” is like a good meal without any spices. Or for you oldsters, something salt-free.

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