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Megyn Kelly’s new lawyer is an interesting choice.

Bryan Freedman is not the Hollywood name you usually hear. He’s involved in what you might call second tier cases, and ones with strange publicity.

Readers here will be interested that he represents the songwriters in the very weird case of a fan who sued them claiming their Michael Jackson songs are fakes.

Eddie Cascio and James Porte recorded Jackson’s voice on their demos in the summer of 2007 over their tracks while Michael and his kids stayed at the Cascio home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

Months after Michael died, Cascio and Porte revealed they had the tapes, and sold their songs to Sony, which used them for a posthumous album.

Then a fan filed a suit against Sony and the songwriters claiming it was all a fraud, and that the voice heard on the album was Jackson imitator. Freedman represents Cascio and Porte.

Freedman also has a client in Amy Powell, former chief of Paramount TV, who was fired when she allegedly refused to cooperate with the studio’s investigation into her allegedly making racist comments on a conference call.

Another Freedman client is something called Rebel Entertainment, a production company that sued Judy Judy Sheindlin over royalties from her TV show. They claimed her $45 million salary had driven the show into the red. A judge ruled in favor of Judge Judy, saying her salary was not unusual considering her success.


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