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Al Roker has lucked into a good schedule. If he wants his old show back, 9am on NBC as the third hour of Today. It’s free.

RadarOnline already says he’s got it. But Al has a second job– he’s appearing on Broadway in “Waitress” until November 18th. He can’t leave early– they’ve sold tickets and extended his run.

But luckily, Al is off on Monday. “Waitress” is dark. And he’s already on the “Today” from 7 to 9am. (When does he sleep?)

On Sunday he has two performances, 2pm and 7pm. The show is over at 9. He can be in bed at 10pm, wake up at 5, get to “Today.” The rest of Monday is free– that’s when he can sleep– and be back Tuesday morning. It will be a rough three weeks, but then “Today with Al Roker” is his– and he will be welcomed back. That’s for sure!

Al, to his credit, was a vocal critic of Kelly’s on the subject of blackface. He was also enthusiastic about ousting Matt Lauer and of Billy Bush. As one insider tells me: “He will want the show.”

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