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Good news: Megyn Kelly is 50-50 for the morning. When 9am rolls around we’ll either see her crying some more or Hoda– who basically never sleeps– will be anchoring Megyn Kelly Today.

But it’s Megyn Kelly Two Days ago that we care about. She defended the wearing of blackface. This was after countless stupid moves, things said that could not be taken back, and getting in a fight with Jane Fonda.

Reports are tonight that her talent agency, CAA, has dropped her. “House of Cards” actors cancelled their appearance on the show. More reports suggest NBC is negotiating her exit as you read this. It’s about freakin’ time.

Kelly was always out of her league at NBC News. She is simply unprofessional. She’s also– let’s face it– the worst of being right wing. She’s also a yahoo who doesn’t have a clue about broadcasting.

SO let’s rev up the set at 8:59am for the final curtain.

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