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One of the craziest episodes in TV history was resolved tonight. Roseanne Conner is dead from an opioid overdose. Her family, The Conners, will now plow ahead with Roseanne of blessed memory.

UPDATE: Barr Tweeted after all. “I ain’t dead, bitches!” It won’t be her last.

Ironically, “Roseanne” debuted almost 30 years to this day– October 18, 1988. The new show debuted tonight, months after Barr wrote a racist Tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. The comedian and actress was almost immediately fired from her own show. “The Conners” rises in its place.

When The Conners picks up tonight, Roseanne has been dead for three weeks. The family is still adjusting to her absence. Dan– John Goodman– is furious with the woman whose name was on the prescription bottle. There’s a surprise cameo from Oscar winner Mary Steenburgen.

Also, Roseanne and Jackie’s mother is back, played by theater great Estelle Parsons. She really will be 90 on November 20th!

Last spring, “Roseanne” returned to the air with monster ratings– at least, at first. What will tonight’s show bring? Will “The Conners” make it to a second season?

Misc: “The Conners” kept the theme music from “Roseanne.” I guess that Carsey-Werner owned it outright, why pay for a new theme? Also, Still MIA: Jerry, Roseanne and Dan’s youngest son, and also Andy, Jackie’s son. Jerry was at least mentioned on last season’s “Roseanne.” Andy has vanished.

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