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The clock is running. A little more than five hours from now, Roseanne Conner is leaving this mortal coil.

Will she die from an opioid overdose? A heart attack? Has she left town to work for Trump? We will know in the first five minutes. “The Conners” airs at 8pm eastern on ABC.

Early reviews suggest that without Roseanne out of the picture, “The Conners” is a better show. That’s right. John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are top notch actors who had more success after the first run of “Roseanne” than Roseanne Barr ever did.

Indeed, Barr struggled without her sitcom. Her talk show failed, so did various other attempts at series and acting. She is not a great actress. She bleated, and squealed, and honked. She was slovenly. The show was built around that. But before she lost her mind, the audience loved her for it.

And Roseanne herself? She signed off of Twitter about a month ago. She’s been silent. It must be in her contract with ABC that she’s not allowed to comment on social media. If so, it must be killing her.

So what now? Come back here at 8:05pm to get the answer.

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