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“Saturday Night Live” was up last night in total audience, so that’s a good thing. And, actually, it’s all good news.

People like you and me tuned in more than people say, thirty years old. That’s ok, too.

The reason was to see Paul Simon make his 9th appearance on the show, on the occasion of his 77th birthday. His two performances with the Juilliard grads called Y Music were better than just about anything on “SNL” in eons.

The other reason to tune in was Seth Meyers, who had a funny monologue and appeared in more sketches than he ever did when he was on the show back in the day. The whole episode was an A show, with lots of Kenan Thompson– always good news– no Mikey Day (hello?), and not enough Kate McKinnon.

Total audience was 4.4 million, key demo was 1.5. It seemed like someone– Columbia Records?– made an actual commercial for Paul Simon’s newest album, “In the Blue Light.” Maybe they could buy time during other appropriate shows. Up til last night I’d never seen any support for that album.

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