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Alec Baldwin’s new talk show on ABC– it’s modeled maybe on Tom Snyder, with a retro network logo and opening.

Baldwin’s first guest was Robert De Niro, also a Trump critic. He told Baldwin: “We have a president who thinks he’s a gangster.”

There was a nice discussion of De Niro’s career, family and business. And then, Trump:

“I’m so offended by this person, and by Republicans in general and how they behave. When I see him I know what he is, and he knows what he is.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve seen a lot in this world…this is totally severe. I felt I had to say whatever I could say. It’s infuriating, this guy. We gotta do something. .. I saw Jeff Flake at the Global Citizen thing in Central Park, I said you’re a hero. He’s actually conflicted. You could see it with the ladies in the elevator. I don’t understand why some of these Republicans don’t say I’m outta here…There’s a point now where these people are taking for the rest of their lives…they’re paying such a  price making a deal with the devil.”

De Niro also talked about his six kids and called his youngest daughter, who’s almost seven, “a miracle. A miracle.”

Baldwin heaped praise on De Niro for his extraordinary acting career. De Niro said, “You’re going to make me cry.” He said his movies, especially with Martin Scorsese, “will be remembered.”

Baldwin’s show is like Charlie Rose’s old show, it looks like something that should be on PBS. At the end of the live interview with De Niro, there was then an animated segment that continued the interview with the two actors. It was very strange and unnecessary.

PS The music is just about the same as Charlie Rose. Hmmmm…



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