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Kanye West is live on Twitter. He says his IQ was just tested, and it’s Mensa level, “Tesla” level. He’s obviously off his meds, and unrestrained. Kim K needs a stun gun. It’s just a ramble, and none of it can be taken seriously.

I tried to embed Kanye’s broadcast but in a first Twitter has blocked that from happening. So you have to watch on @ye and follow along. West said a little earlier in his ramble that he’d “talked to Jack”– meaning Jack Dorsey, so maybe they had an arrangement.

Kanye did say that he went to Sony/ATV Music to buy back his publishing and they told him it would cost $8 million, and they wouldn’t let him do it. Who knows what part of that is true?

Kanye compares his attempt to when Prince tried to leave Warner Music and wrote “Slave” on his face. “I’m not going to say the S word,” Kanye says.

He says, “I feel like people are touching my brain.”

Kanye apparently arrived with his family in Uganda on Friday morning. They flew from Washington afte Kanye’s lunch with Trump. That’s a grueling 16 hour flight even if you’re in first-first-first class. So maybe part of his unhinged video can be attributed to jet flag. I know that the first time I flew from New York to Johannesburg I felt like I’d been dragged around the globe. So we’ll give him that much.

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