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Prime time ratings for Thursday night were a little shocking, especially for NBC.

Prime time TV ratings last night on all of NBC and some of ABC were equal to or not much better than the total numbers for daytime soap opera.

Indeed, NBC’s entire slate of new shows last night looked like a scorecard for daytime.

Between 8 and 10pm, NBC shows averaged just 3 million viewers. They were all first run, not repeat. By comparison, “The Young and the Restless” has 4 million viewers, “General Hospital” around 2.6 million. And those are shown during the day, when people are working.

The NBC slate includes “Will & Grace” and “The Good Place,” each of which garners lots of publicity. It’s not like the TV audience doesn’t know how to find them.

On ABC, “How to Get Away with Murder” came back, and was killed. The Shonda Rhimes mystery lured in only 3.2 million fans. ShondaLand’s two other ABC shows had better news, with “Grey’s Anatomy” and its spin off “Station 19” holding 6.5 million. But after that, only half that number wanted to see who got away with murder.

The good news was mostly on CBS, which won the night thanks to “Big Bang Theory” and “Young Sheldon” (11 million) and solid showings by the “Murphy Brown” reboot and “Mom.”


Ratings info thanks to ShowbuzzDaily.com

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