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How thrilled and proud I am: Sam Moore went to Washington DC yesterday with the RIAA and witnessed the signing of the Music Modernization Act by Donald Trump. (Maybe it’s the one good thing Trump will do in his administration, but he signed it and we thank him.) Sam and his wife Joyce have been in the forefront with Sound Exchange, the RIAA and NARAS to get this bill passed so that he and his peers, with mostly pre-1972 hits, are finally acknowledged and rewarded. Aretha Franklin would be very pleased, so would Frank Sinatra. Their heirs will benefit from this law, as will everyone from Elvis to one hit wonders like Norman Greenbaum and Question Mark and the Mysterians.

Sam turns 83 today, and what a great day to start his 84th year. He’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Early admission!), he’s got a Grammy, he’s sung for all the living presidents. Obama and Clinton love him. The Bushes love him. Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Sting love him. What’s not to love? Happy Birthday, Sam! We thank you! (Pictured: Sam Moore with NARAS president Neil Portnow)

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