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Taylor Swift came out swinging for the political fences this week. She endorsed Democrats running for office in Tennessee, and vehemently came out against the state’s female Republican leader, Marsha Blackburn.

Vote.org told Buzzfeed that Swift’s proclamation caused a sign-up of 65,000 new voters. Her influence is major. Previously, Swift had stayed out of politics, leaving the cheerleading for Hillary Clinton to her own sometime rival Katy Perry.

But with Kanye West publicly supporting Trump, and planning a lunch with him this week, Swift may have felt it was her time to step up for Democrats, people with brains, and human beings.

Swift and West have been in a public feud for years. It began when West jumped on stage at the 2009 Grammys and protested her Music Video of the Year win over Beyonce. Yes, that was nearly a decade ago. Since then, they’ve scrapped in lyrics to songs even when claiming their war was over.

Kanye, despite losing most of his base by backing Trump, keeps doubling down on the much-loathed president. Swift is now positioning herself as an activist. It can only help her “Reputation.”


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