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“A Star is Born” made $15.8 Million Friday including previews, heads to $45 million weekend!

I told you when I saw “A Star is Born” at the Toronto Film Festival that the soundtrack would be wildly popular, perhaps eclipsing even “The Bodyguard.”

Well, after one official day of release, that prediction is coming true. The album is number 1, of course. And it’s in two versions in the top 100 albums–one with extra tracks.

But the songs individually are selling like crazy. All 12 of the Lady Gaga songs from “Star” have hit the iTunes top 100. Gaga is holding down the number 1 spot with “Shallow,” and also has the number 3, 4, and 5 spots with “Is That Alright?”, “Always Remember Us This Way,” and the long version of “I’ll Never Love Again.”

Gaga then has seven more spots on iTunes, wrapping up the other songs on the album including a couple with newly minted rock star Bradley Cooper.

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