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Rapper Cardi B performed at the Global Citizen Festival on Saturday night. She was chosen as a role model to fight global poverty.

But the peeps at Global Citizen, a sketchy organization to begin with, thought Cardi B was an appropriate spokesperson and standard bearer despite an August 29th bar fight in Queens for which she was arrested.

On Monday, with the Global Citizen mandate behind her, Cardi B turned herself in at the 109th Precinct in Queens for the fight at the Angels Gentlemen’s Club. She faces charges of of reckless endangerment and assault after throwing a chair at an “unintended victim.” She was “throwing chairs, bottles and hookahs [smoking pipes] in the club at 3 a.m.,” according to a police spokesman. She hit two bartenders.

Even though she’s a new mom, Cardi B has been several fights lately including one with Nicki Minaj during New York Fashion Week.

It’s unclear if she earned “Global Citizen points” in any of these episodes.

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