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Kanye West is mentally ill and no one is protecting him.

West, clearly on a manic tear, announced the launch of an album for last night while he appeared on “Saturday Night Live.”

He appeared, doubled down on his career-killing support of Donald Trump, and dropped no new album. The idea of the album, called “Yandhi,” has all but disappeared.

At the same time, Kanye– who announced that he changed his name to Ye– Tweeted that the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery, should itself be abolished. Then he amended the Tweet, and said the 13th amendment should be amended. He wrote: “the 13th Amendment is slavery in disguise meaning it never ended We are the solution that heals…”

Tomorrow, Harvey Levin will welcome Kanye to TMZ Live. The last time Kanye was on TMZ, he proclaimed that “slavery is an option.” Levin, who is no friend of anyone except maybe Donald Trump, was happy to let Kanye hang in the wind. Now it will happen again. TMZ is exploiting a man with a mental illness.

Thanks to the original TMZ appearance, as well as Kanye’s continued support of Trump, West has lost much of his music career. His “Ye” album, which only cost $7.99, sold just 52,000 hard copies. Streaming brought another 200K in sales. But that total–250K–is a disaster for a rap star who spends like Kanye and lives at his level.

One African American friend of mine said, when I mentioned this, “Are you kidding? No black person is buying a Kanye West album.”

If “Yandhi,” a ridiculous title, is ever released, Kanye may have completely undermined its sales in advance.


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