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The cancellation last season of “Scandal” has proven to be a boon for Broadway.

First Kerry Washington signed to star in “American Son.” Now Tony Goldwyn is co-starring in Network. Olivia Pope and President Fitz can meet at Bar Centrale after their performances.

Goldwyn will play the William Holden role, head of the network where Bryan Cranston’s Howard Beale (Peter Finch in the movie) snaps under the strain of presenting basically, fake news. He’s mad as hell. Tatiana Maslany, of “Orphan Black” fame, will play the Faye Dunaway role.

The full cast of “Network” will include Broadway and TV veteran Frank Wood, who is always excellent, as well as Bill Timoney and Eric Chayefsky, who is the grand nephew of the legendary Paddy Chayefsky, who wrote the movie and upon whose screenplay this play is based.

Ivan von Hove, hot as a pistol, is directing. If this production isn’t just sensational, I will be mad as hell myself!


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