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Donald Trump clearly loves Elton John, which the rock star artist probably is not thrilled about. Just now he compared ending a press conference to going out on a high note “like an Elton John concert.” Trump also previously dubbed Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” from Elton’s song.

The president of the United States said, ” “Ya ever see Elton John he said if the song is good get out of there but then they come back for an encore and it’s not as good. People leave and say that wasn’t a very good concert. But lets take another one.”

Well, someone had better save our lives tonight. Trump’s 90 minute press conference was utter lunacy. And I used to watch Richard Nixon announce the bombing of Cambodia or insist he wasn’t a crook. This Trump operetta beats Nixon hands down.

One Twitter user wrote: “Urgent text from my dad, who is watching this Trump presser (and who, for context, used to edit Elton John‘s fan magazine, and never uses exclamation points): “Elton never said that!!! His concerts are very structured.”

True, Elton knows exactly what his encores are going to be, and they are planned. It is hoped Trump will have no encore, if he even makes it to the third part of his show. Much of the audience has already left.

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