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We haven’t seen the last of Rick Deckard. The last time we saw the hero of “Blade Runner” was in “2049” last year. Played by Harrison Ford, he found his daughter, born from replicant.

Meanwhile, the younger star of the movie, K, played by Ryan Gosling, lay dying, while snow fell all around him.

The sequel to “Blade Runner,” so hotly anticipated, was a box office disappointment. But Roger Deakins won an Oscar for cinematography, and the movie won a second Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual effects. The fervor for “Blade Runner” still exists. A third movie wouldn’t be practical, but a TV series was inevitable.

And so I’ve been told that the series is being developed right now, although no details are set. It does seem like Rick, his daughter, and maybe K sans snowflakes would form the central family, with lots of possibilities for new characters and old ones. Producers of the film are on the fast track.

The biggest part of a “Blade Runner” TV series would be the look. They’re not going to get Deakins, so the hunt would be on for a director of photography who can translate the iconic “Blade Runner” images.

And who would play Rick? Not Harrison Ford although who knows? Maybe Netflix or Amazon would pay for him. But if this turns out to be for Syfy or another cabler, the casting will have to be ingenious.

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