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“Crazy Rich Asians” repeats at number 1 this weekend. They’re going to pick up another $20 million. Lovely!

The box office is otherwise a treacherous place if your reviews are really no good.

Both GlobalRoad’s “A.X.L.” and STX’s “Happytime Murders” scored just 22% each on RottenTomatoes. The reviews weren’t wrong, and they didn’t help.

GlobalRoad is almost out of business anyway. “A.X.L.” only made $812,500 on Friday night for a possible $2.1 million weekend. So that show is over. According to sources, Global Road has run out of money which is why they pulled Johnny Depp’s Notorious BIG movie set for September. They can’t promote it. And, says a source, “they can’t deal with Johnny Depp.”

STX is a mystery to me. I’m sure they are nice people. But what are they doing? “Happytime Murders” is puppet porn. Last night it made $4 million for a projected weekend of $11 million. Their other movies this year were Amy Schumer’s beleaguered “I Feel Pretty” – -$48 million– “Den of Thieves” — $45 million– and — “Adrift” — $31 million. Quality is clearly not their objective.

They also have Mark Wahlberg’s disaster, “Mile 22,” which hit the $19 million mark last night after 8 days of release. Mark will have to serve a lot of Wahlburgers to make up for this one. STX has the potential to release one two actually good movies in their mix, I’m sure of it. Please, guys, try.

PS GlobalRoad used to be Open Road, which won an Oscar for “Spotlight.” But then they put out “Marshall” and now the universe is punishing them.

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