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For Nicki Minaj, the charts today are good news, bad news.

The bad news is that her “Queen” album finished fourth for the week, behind Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Drake. Nicki’s music struggled with total sales of 89,863. Most of that was streaming. She had CDs and downloads of just 25,000.

The good news is that she’s featured on a horrible rap single by 22 year old 6 by 9, or whatever he’s called. It’s just completely unlistenable, like all of his stuff. But it’s number 1 in streaming. It’s called “Fefe” and it’s on something called ScumBag Records. So she can take heart in that, her consolation prize.

Last week, meaning ending a week ago, “Fefe” earned $192,500 in streaming revenue. Nicki’s single, “Barbie Dreams,” made $155,193. That will keep her in wigs and eyelashes depending on her cut of “Fefe,” which Tony Bennett is not covering on his new album.

I was going to print the lyrics to “Fefe” but they are of course X rated and filthy. They are accompanied by “music” sampled from something immemorable.

Ariana Grande sold over 230,000 copies of her “Sweetener,” more CDs and downloads than streaming. Her royalty rate is higher and she actually has songs. Manager Scooter Braun did a great job, and of course she did, too.

Aretha Franklin’s “30 Greatest Hits” sold 50,000 copies all in after selling about 25,000 copies last week just on Thursday after her death was announced. Her dedicated station on SiriusXM, 49, is a big hit there and will continue through Labor Day weekend. It’s quite a tribute.


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